Mishimoto 1L Coolant Overflow Tank - Red

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Although it's often overlooked, a durable coolant overflow tank is a crucial component of any cooling system. Leaks within the overflow system can result in air entry into your coolant, which ultimately leads to overheating. Upgrade your plastic overflow tank with Mishimoto’s Universal 1 Quart Coolant Overflow Tank. Our tank is constructed from durable 3mm-thick aluminum, featuring stunning precision TIG welds. In addition, this overflow tank includes a sight tube, which provides an accurate look at your fluid level. This sight tube is removable and can be installed on either end of the tank, which is helpful when installing in a cramped engine compartment. Mishimoto‘s all-aluminum coolant overflow tank includes a CNC-machined billet cap with an O-ring seal, ensuring leak-free operation. In addition, we’ve incorporated a magnetic drain plug on the base of the tank, which removes ferrous contaminants from your cooling system. We offer various finishes for this overflow tank, including an anodized finish in black, blue, and red and a polished aluminum finish. As with all our products, this coolant overflow tank includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.