TB Performance

Brake Master Cylinder Brace


The Problem:

The oem brake master cylinder bolts directly to the firewall. being an unsupported piece oof sheet metal and given the large amount of force exerted by the brake system, the master cylinder will actually move and flex under hard braking. While this does not hurt stopping distance, it does cause unpredictable and poor pedal feel.

The Solution:

This brace helps reinforce and redistribute the load on the master cylinder which increases pedal feel, makes the braking system more consistent, as well as giving the driver more confidence. This brace went through several generations and prototypes to arrive at the unit you see. Extensive design in Solidworks as well as testing on closed roads and real world mileage allowed me to produce a product that I am extremely proud of.

Stock without brace

This video shows how the vehicle stops under hard braking WITHOUT the brace. Listen to how hard the driver is fighting for traction from the beginning.