TB Performance

Fiesta ST Front Crash Bar


-Track Tested

-Works with the OEM grill to increase airflow.

-Lighter weight

-This is the same product with some upgrades as DHM sold. I purchased the jig.

-1-1/4" .120 wall round tube design [heavier duty than the .060 wall thickness DHM unit]

-Color options!

-Tow strap option!

-DHM style big intercooler mounting tab options. At some point I may be making a big fmic and it will use these tabs. If you DO NOT have a DHM big FMIC, you DO NOT need this to mount your fmic. Stock and stock style fmics do not use the crash bar to mount FMICS and as such there is no need for tabs.

Note- This bar is NOT crash tested and is designed for offroad use only. You are responsible for your own safety. In the event of an accident, there may be unknown effects. I am not responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur due to this product. Use at your own risk