TB Performance

Ford Focus RS Traction Bar


Want to end torque steer and wheel hop? Do you want to tighten up your focus steering!? OF COURSE YOU DO! TB Performance Products has the simple solution. We hand craft our traction bars out of 1010 rectangular tube steel using both MIG and TIG welding processes for the ultimate in strength and weight savings. The traction bar for the Focus ST bolts onto the A Arm bolts and provides a solid link to prevent A arm deflection which is one of the leading causes of torque steer and wheel hop. On our test car we found that the brace clears aftermarket motor mounts and is even usable with the stock splash guard with no cutting or modification! This product also reduces the vibrations caused by some aftermarket rear motor mounts.

-We listened to you guys and we have altered the design to incorporate solid cup rather than the slip fit cup pictured. This will increase overall rigidity. 

-Solid Cup Design to maximize strength 

-Reduced torque steer and wheel hop

-Reduced vibrations from aftermarket motor mounts

-Tighter steering

-Fits with oem splash guard and aftermarket motor mounts 

-Lightweight design with high strength steel

-Hand made in the USA 

-Tig/mig welded 

-If you have upgraded charge pipes please see if there is clearance*