Mishimoto BORNE Off-Road 2021+ Ford Bronco Snorkel Kit for Mishimoto Intake

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The 2021+ 2.3L/2.7L Ford Bronco was destined for the unbeaten path. Often, the unbeaten path entails dust, debris, and waterways, leaving your Bronco gasping for clean air. Luckily, Borne Off-Road has a solution to get fresh air into your intake so you can blaze the trail with ease.----This Borne Off-Road 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3/2.7L snorkel moves the fresh air inlet to roof height, allowing the engine to draw in cleaner air. Our precision rotational-molded tube is made from durable, UV-resistant cross-linked polyethylene that can withstand the heat of the sun and any debris the trail can throw at it. The top of our snorkel includes a 6-inch inlet with a steel mesh cover to protect the intake from large debris. This inlet can also be swapped for a pre-filter to help keep your main intake filter clean.----Our snorkel mounts to the Bronco’s body with durable 3mm-thick steel brackets and accepts A-pillar lights with the included brackets. The snorkel mates directly to the airbox with an included adapter, making it applicable for use with both the stock or Mishimoto intake. The brackets and inlet screen are finished in micro-wrinkle black powder coat for maximum durability. Like all Mishimoto and Borne Off-Road products, this Ford Bronco snorkel is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.