Mishimoto Rubber Grommet Assortment - 125Pc.

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Traveling back and forth between stores and your project while trying to source appropriate hardware/tools is a waste of time and can be downright frustrating. Returning home from a supply run to the hardware store, having forgotten half the items you need, is a rite of passage. Most Mishimoto products are designed to help keep your vehicle cool. Our new lineup of helpful tools and equipment is designed to ensure you have the supplies needed to keep your head cool.Our 125-piece nitrile rubber grommet/plug assortment kit provides eleven popular grommet sizes and seven standard plug sizes, ensuring you will have the exact component you need to get the job done. These grommets are designed to protect wires, lines, cables, and hoses from damage incurred by chafing or rubbing on sharp metal/plastic edges. Mishimoto grommets and plugs are constructed from durable yet pliable high-quality nitrile rubber. This material is ideal for automotive use thanks to its UV resistance, non-flammability, and resistance to high temperatures and frequent temperature variations. In addition, this kit includes a resealable carrying case that organizes grommets and plugs by size and provides easy access and portability.