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Wheel X Iron Fall Out Remover & Wheel Cleaner


“Iron Fall Out” is a detailer term used to describe brake dust and particles in the air that can cause irreversible imperfections to your vehicle. Use Wheel X on your wheels, paint, and chrome surfaces to help prevent visible dark spots, pitting, corrosion, and severe swirl marks caused by Iron Fall Out. This ACID FREE, PHbalanced formula was designed to be used on any surface EXCEPT bare aluminum. We believe this is a product for everyone, not just a secret the professionals have up their sleeve. Once you try Wheel X once, you’ll never look at cleaning your vehicle the same. 

Sizes: Available in 16oz, 1gal, 5gal+

Dilution Ratio: READY TO USE (RTU) 

Tips: READY TO USE (RTU) , Rinse surfaces clean, Spray Wheel X on cool wet surfaces, agitate with a detail brush and rinse clean or let product work for up to 3 minutes before rinse. (DO NOT LET DRY) Turns purple when in contact with iron particles. Strong smell! Use in a well ventilated area.